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At Professional Cellular & Paging, we believe that each customer deserves the RIGHT product, not whatever the hot product happens to be. At Procel, we take the time to get to know our customers, so that we can recommend the right product for their situation and needs. At the end of the day, we don't want to sell you the wrong thing just to make a sale. Our goal is to understand your needs, educate you, and share our expertise—our knowledge and experience, so we can recommend the best solution for you. We're locally owned and operated since 1991, and value the history we have with our community and the customer relationships we have mutually established for over 20 years as a local small business. We certainly appreciate when you support your local small business!

About Cell Phones and Change

Change is the hallmark of the wireless industry due to constant wireless technology advancements. More and more choices soon become bewildering for the average consumer—Which network? Which phone? Which features? Which rate plan? How about speedy Voice Mail access or new visual Voice Mail, transferring contacts from one phone to another, handsfree Bluetooth devices, insurance options, charging/carrying solutions, signal amplification solutions, etc.?

When plain old cell phones became available in 1983, they were a breakthrough technology marvel and very expensive. For the first decade plus, there were no direct Corporate Owned Stores like Verizon (formerly GTE Mobilnet), Sprint, AT&T (formerly Cingular/Cellular One), T-Mobile, etc.) or Big Box stores like Costco, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Independent indirect agents, like Professional Cellular & Paging, opened the floodgates for new customers through one-on-one training and education making the technology less mystifying and challenging. Today, simple cell phones come with a camera and are simply referred to as Standard Devices or Feature Phones. Who do you know that doesn't have a good ole cell phone today including young children—wow?!

The new kids on the block are Smartphones, formerly called PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants) and now referred to as Advanced Devices or 3G/4G Smartphones. These Advanced Devices require education on which Operating System to use (e.g. webOS (Palm/HP), Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc.) and are basically portable, handheld computers with far more computing power than was present on the first spaceship to the moon! These Smartphones require a mandatory additional monthly charge of $30.00 or more for limited email and web usage. Please note that 96% of Verizon Smartphone owners utilzed less than 2 GB of data usage per month (July 2011). See the Verizon Data Usage Calculator to figure out the best data plan for your needs.

When it’s time to buy a wireless device, it is best to just jump in, and let us educate you on the best equipment for you! It’s important to realize that in 3-6 months your device will have been superceded by a newer, supposedly better device—don’t worry about it! Based on your needs we will ensure you have the correct device that will serve you well until you are eligible for a brand new device in 20 months—called an upgrade.

About Rate Plans

In the distant past, monthly cell phone charges centered on how many minutes you talked. Today there are three different categories of charges, namely Voice, Text, and Data (Mobile Broadband). Voice plans are still relatively inexpensive for the minutes you get, but adding in the texting and data plan features substantially increase the cost—so be prepared for that!

Voice: Charges primarily are concerned with weekday peak talk-time minute usage. Evenings and weekend minutes are generally free, and roaming charges and long distance calling charges are a thing of the past. There are even special plans where you can add your own frequently dialed telephone numbers free of any usage charges.

Text: Texting is all the rage these days even among many moms now. Texting packages are available from $5 to $20 per month. Without having a texting plan added to your monthly service, major charges could be racked up since sent and received messages are 20¢ each, and sending a picture via a text message is 25¢. Plans are available that include unlimited texting, which is the safest way to go.

Data (Mobile Broadband): Data simply refers to internet usage (surfing the web), email usage, and downloading music or applications to your device. It is very important to understand how data usage while roaming or without a data plan can result in hundreds of dollars of unexpected charges! Again, being on a proper plan that includes unlimited data use is the safest way to go. Generally, adding turn-by-turn driving directions to your device, or reporting a child's cell phone location via GPS (both data features) are each an additional $10 per month, but again usually included in special package plans.

Carriers now have lower price UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT PLANS which will simplify and eliminate any worries about unexpected or accidental usage charges—simplicity at lower cost! Visit us today to find out what the best deal is for you.

In order to get the best price on a cellular device, you must sign a new two-year service agreement. The reason this is so, is because wireless devices are sold well below wholesale cost and carriers (direct channel) recoup their losses over time through the monthly billing charges. Agents (indirect channel) eventually receive a commission to offset their selling loss. Contracts or agreements only pertain to keeping your cellular number active; you may change rate plans at anytime (but not reduce them within the first six months). We provide account managment service and advice to help you manage your monthly wireless service costs in the most efficient manner possible.

Summary of Products and Service


  • Individual and Corporate Sales & Service
  • Account Management
  • Personalized Training/Consulting
  • Hands Free and Bluetooth Technology Devices Bluetooth Basics
  • Laptop Aircards, USB Modems, MiFi for on-the-go Wireless Internet Access
  • Quality Cellular Devices & Accessories (LG, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Palm, BlackBerry and others)
  • Cellular Signal Amplification Solutions (For RVs, your home, remote locations, wine caves, new construction, large office buildings, etc.)
  • Custom In-vehicle Installations (Bluetooth Voice-activated Handsfree Systems, Signal Boosters, Antennas, Phone Charging Cradles, etc.)


  • Paging Sales and Service (Northern California Specialists)
  • Providing networks with expanded hospital coverage!
  • Local and Nationwide Paging with optional Voicemail
  • Local Customer Service and Billing


In 1984, the cellular Industry was one year old. Here's
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